I shoot from my intuition and it still fascinates me how an apparently everyday moment can become a surreal, emotional, esthetic or humorous story when photographed.
I have no recognizable personal style and I don't search for it because that would be a creative obstacle. I just like to bring 'poetry' back into street photography.


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it's greatly appreciated and I hope you enjoy it.

About myself:

I'm graduated in ' fine arts' , hold a certificate as photographer and a diploma as teacher ‘Arts Education’.

My past and present is defined by waves of different creativities. From rock singer to movie maker, surreal painter till actor, and a lot more...

As my father was already a professional photographer and moviemaker, photography is the 'fill rouge' in my life and something I'm quite passionate about. Blessed with a vivid imagination, I try to see how extraordinary my everyday life can be and how I can make photos beyond obvious. With care for composition and details, I love making unstaged suggestive or dynamic photos. Sometimes funny or surreal, sometimes aesthetic or absurd but always with a visual storytelling approach and a door open for the fantasy of the viewer.

My personal objective in photography is simple. I only want to make photos that are surprising myself in one or another way. I have no interest in making documents! My photos are the storytelling results of my fantasy and inspiration of the moment. The moment I push on that button and I have that strange addictive feeling 'this is THE moment and this is the best place I could be in the world for this moment'. Well these are the photos you can see here on my website. You as viewer may like that, but better is using your own fantasy and create your own story around the photo. That's what I mean with 'we see things as we are' (I hope you understand that it has nothing to do with the subject).


Please leave a reply. You can reach me at:   jorisdeweerd@gmail.com


- PUBLICATION in the prestigious digital art magazine: ArtUPON


- PUBLICATION in the book '11 TOP STREET PHOTOGRAPHERS' by Lynn Smith (Amazon & Blurb)


- PUBLICATION: EYE - Photo Magazine issue March (10 photos)     

  eye-photomagazine 03/2016            

- EXHIBITION: DotART URBAN Street Permanent Winners Gallery 2016 (2 photos): Group    Exhibitions in: Krakow, Warszaw, Budapest, Lotz, Berlin, Trieste.

- PUBLIC REVIEW: Selected and reviewed by Martin Parr, Richard Kalvar and Tomasz Lazar for  the first MSPF Photo Slam. (See page BOOKS & VIDEOS)  


- AWARD & EXHIBITION: Finalist "Miami Street Photography Festival"

MSPF 2015 Finalists

- AWARD & EXHIBITION: Honorable mention MIFA 2015 (Moskou Intern. Foto Festival)

MIFA 2015

- PUBLICATION: Photographer issue in 'OnEdgeStreet' Magazine (digital). Photo of the month october   2015.

On Edge Street

- PUBLICATION: Featured in the YouTube video : Legends In The Making #3 by Marius Veith

(see page BOOKS & VIDEOS)

- PUBLICATION: Street Photography Magazine issue

Finalists' photos MSPF2015